Every great superhero has an origin story and, just like those superheroes, so does this web series. Where do those super lame powers come from? How did this story get its start? With one or two (or three or more) over-ambitious shocks. That's right, it's Jackie's super lame power that was born out of the ether first. Emily was experiencing painful, random shocks in the dry New York winter, and Teresa thought, "Hey, what if...?" Because all great stories start with: WHAT IF? What if a boy falls to earth and happens to have superhuman strength? What if a warrior princess from the Amazons comes to America to fight evil?

WHAT IF a group of people with really annoying, really lame superpowers attend group therapy because they just can't deal? With others. With life. With having super lame powers.  We decided to answer that question. What if?



Who's Behind Super Lame Powers?

It all started with a spark...a spark of friendship, that is, many moons ago at a film school somewhere on the East Coast. We bonded over the challenges of making films in 16mm, and now we bond over the challenges of making a web series in the digital world.  

teresa vilaseca

Co-writer, Director, and Producer of Super Lame Powers, Teresa started her entertainment career in the motion graphics world of film titles, TV titles and broadcast graphics. However, her true superpower is the writing and production of stories, and with Emily, the idea of The Storymaker's Journey was born. She is happily taking on the new superpower of directing and can't wait to share the Super Lame Powers web series with you.


emily shaffer

Co-writer and Producer of Super Lame Powers, Emily has been writing since she picked up a pencil. After acquiring an M.F.A. in Film Production, she decided to train for yet another superpower and is now a social worker in New York City. Like any true superhero, she decided to put both of her powers to use and wrote about the difficulties of group therapy just for you. She, too, can't wait for you to see what Super Lame Powers can do.